In wine, there's truth. (Pliny the Elder, Natural History)

About Tenuta Ripa Alta

Tenuta Ripa Alta was founded in 2012 and takes its name from a place of Cerignola’s country, in Puglia. The “Ripa Alta” is a tipical canyon on the left bank of the river Ofanto, where stands a chapel that is knowed as the site of the legendary discovery of Icona depicting the Madonna of Ripalta, patron of Cerignola.

Tenuta Ripa Alta is born with a specific purpose: to produce excellent wine, enhance what nature has so generously given in the countryside of Puglia. The choice of wines reflects the balance between tradition and innovation that characterizes all our productive process. Our wines have their reason of existence into the most authentic culture of Puglia and are produced with local and certified grapes. The focus of the wines production process is instead aimed at the protection of the original organoleptic characteristics that make them unique.

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March 9, 2015 |

Production of Esteta and Sofista

Grapes are harvested in the second week of November, after a light withering to give great alcoholic degree to...

March 7, 2015 |


Hi everybody, particularly to the lovers of this amazing world. My name is Alessandra and I’m 29 years old. I was...

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